Matthew Paris’s Clickable Map:

An Interactive Claudius Map

Project Manager: John Wyatt Greenlee, PhD

Project Description:

This project presents an annotated copy of Matthew Paris’s c. 1250 map of Britain (BL Cotton MS Claudius D VI), made using Omeka’s Neatline extension.

To learn more about Matthew Paris and his maps, click here.

How to use the map:

You can zoom in and out, and drag the map around the screen. As you scroll over individual locations they will highlight, and a translation will appear in the upper left-hand corner. Clicking on a location or inscription will open a window that gives you both a translation and a transcription, as well as an image from the location. Clicking on the image will take you to a wikipedia page for the location.

If you have trouble with the imbedded map, you can find a larger, non-imbedded version here.


Gilson, J.P.. Four Maps of Great Britain Designed by Matthew Paris about A.D. 1250, Reproduced from Three Manuscripts in the British Museum and One at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. London: British Museum, 1928.

Alexander C Lamb, Dundee: Its Quaint and Historic Buildings (Dundee: George Petrie, 1895).

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Claudius map of Britain

This project is listed with the Medieval Academy of America’s Medieval Digital Resources Database.