Clicking on the copy of the Hereford map below will open up a new window, with a version of the map on which a number of the cities, races, and geographic elements have been annotated.  The cities are marked with a blue dot.  The other elements — rivers and mountains, monsters and legends — are not marked but will highlight in red as you scroll over them.  In all cases the name of the map element will appear when you hover the cursor over it, and if you click on an element you will get a selection of related excerpts from Mandeville’s text.

You can navigate around the map by clicking and pulling, and you can zoom in and out.  Be patient — the information on the map is somewhat slow to load, and has to reload after the view has been readjusted.

I’ve used C.W.R.D. Moseley’s 1993 The Travels of Sir John Mandeville since it is one of the more popular editions used in teaching. All citations are for that version.


Hereford Reproduction Detailed LR

For a short bibliography of related materials, click here